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Tips On Fishing Marble Sleeper - Marble sleeper or called marble goby is watrerfish but has great power when grab the bait. This fish is known asOxyeleotris marmorata that used to live in swamps, lakes, rivers, which when fished very steady pull, so much favored by anglers. Marble sleeper living in groups, and prefer quiet waters with a depth of 1-3 meters. Marble sleeper often live at the bottom of a river or a rock or a stick in the wall at the edge of the river. For you who want to fish marble sleeper, we would like to give you some good tips.

Marble sleeper has wide mouth, so if eating the bait usually sucking up and bring it to its nest. Because this fish is passive, then you have to more active to seek their nest and fishing with unusual technique. Marble sleeper will grab your bait if hungry or the bait is in front of it. 


On this occasion we will share to you about best technique on fishing marble sleeper. Here are some techniques that you can practice :

1. Fishing equipments
On fishing marble sleeper, tou just need ordinary equipments as like as freshwater fishing equipment, such as 2 meters long rod, line, and hook size 12-13. The aim is you can achieve the spot which located marble sleeper. 

2. Fishing bait
To get marble sleeper, you prefer use little shrimp or fresh worms. Marble sleeper like them because they are marble sleeper's main food. To get attention from marble sleeper, use the live bait. 

3. Fishing technique
The most effective technique to get marble sleeper are with float or without float. If using a float, you should set the bait in order to reach the bottom of the river. This is because, marble sleeper live at the bottom of the river so that the bait will be more easily detected. If the bait has been eaten, the float going to drown. Wait until a few seconds so that the bait has been swallowed. Pull your fishing rod with a little power so that the hook stuck in the fish's mouth. 
The second technique is bait swung up and down slowly. This is done to attract the attention of marble sleeper, because the bait will be seen moving so marble sleeper come closer and grab your bait. Do this way surround the spot, and the possibility get marble sleeper is much more. Marble sleeper like live bait and move, so you better do this technique. If the fish grab your bait, you will taste powerfull pull. 

That's all informations from us, hopely useful for you all. Continue to refer Ghazuth to get many informations of water world and fishingworld.

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