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Various Kinds Of Fishing Techniques

Various Kinds Of Fishing Techniques - Many fishing techniques that can be used in fishing. But in the fishing you need to know what kind of fish would you hook so that you can choose what technique that you want to use. Every fish has a different character and main food, so you have to know before where you will get fishing and what kind of fish you want to. As an example, if you want to get red snapper so you have to choose the good spot where red snapper in and better use the fresh bait. The conclusion of fishing techniques is based on kind of fish and the spot.

Okey in this good accasion, Ghazuth will give you some informations about Various Kinds Of Fishing Techniques for you all. 
These are many kinds of fishing techniques :

1. Casting
This technique usually performed from the outskirts of the sea, such as docks, rocks, even on a stopped boat / road slowly. For the bait, the anglers usually use the imitation bait / lure which weighing 7 -20 gram. The trick is throw the bait  as far as possible, then reel rolled quickly. And this is is done repeatedly until the fish snatched your bait. This technique is very efficient for catching fish cakes or small fish around the pier. Beside that, another advantage of using this techique is you don't have to go to sea for fishing.


2. Jigging
Jigging is a technique of deep sea fishing using jigs vertically driven. Jig is an imitation bait that usually made from metal and its shape like a fish. and also has many variants colour. The characters of good jig is when you drop it into the sea it is not directly fall straight down, but it will moves like a fish that was swimming although it weights hundreds of grams. 


3. Bottom fishing
Bottom fishing is the anglers favourite technique. Beside easier, this technique doesn't need expensive equipment and very relax. To do this technique, you just need the ballast and some hooks. Place the ballast above the stopper and you better set some hooks to attract the fish attention. For the best result, use the fresh bait or alive. 

bottom fishing

4. Popping
Popping technique is almost like casting technique. The trick is to throw and pull the lure repeatedly to get strikes from the predators. In this technique, the predators were forced to pounce poppers (special lure for popping technique) because of its movement and its splash very disturbing territory, so the predator snatched not because you feel hungry, but because he felt disturbed by the man-made lures. This technique is one of the techniques that are favored by anglers, because they can watch the fish strike.


5. Trolling
Compared to other fishing techniques, this technique is a technique of fishing with the most expensive equipment. Because not every angler can feel the sensation of the strike with this technique. Trolling is a fishing technique by sinking lure on the running boat . This technique is the easiest fishing techniques, because angler just stalling the lure with the strings from a distance of about 100-200 meters from the boat, and let the lure trailed in the water that cause movements that attract fish and then strike it. Why this technique is the most expensive technique? Because prices of trolling rod and special reel price up to ten millions of dollars for the medium class action. Beside that, the angler should rent a boat to do this technique. The lure that  usually used for this technique is minnow.


May be that's all information  from Ghazuth about Various Kinds Of Fishing Techniques.
I hope it will be useful for you all. Godd luck for fishing.
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